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Colour Schemes
Colour schemes and decals may vary slightly from pictures shown on the website, this is because Colnago frames are hand painted and finished not mass produced on a factory assembly line. For more details please contact Mike for information.

 Myself or my son, Marc will prepare each frame before shipping/collection,

all threads will be cleaned and tapped ready for the build, the threads should be greased with copper grease, to prevent seizure of threads, with different materials, in the threads of the frames,and groupset components, the seatposts on carbon frames, should be greased with a quality carbon preparation, to prevent slippage, all torque measurements should be adhered to with a quality torque wrench, (these should be recalibrated annually).

On a road bike tyres should not be inflated over 7 bars 102 psi, as hard tyres cause damage and breakage to modern ultralight materials. The tyre is the only shock absorber, and the current trend encouraged by silly journalists and manufacturers of tyres, causes repetitive road shock to break equipment in sequence, wheels, forks, frames, bars, particularly carbon ones, and riders, eventually, crotches will be damaged, if you ignore this warning, you will also go slower as the constant shock will tire your muscles. All frames are checked and photographed prior to shipping/collection, If you decide to have your frame built by another shop please be sure to check the frame yourself for any issues BEFORE sending it on. Any damage caused whilst being built by another shop/mechanic will not be covered under warranty. In the event of any problems arising after purchase; the frame and or complete bike must be returned to us for replacement/exchange. We will accept no responsibility for costs incurred if the frame/bike is sent to another shop. 

Should you wish to complain

Should you ever have the need to complain about either me or my products, please feel free to contact me on the details above. In these types of matters, it is often best to contact me by telephone in order to sort out the problem as quickly as possible between us. but I will always adhere to the current UK consumer laws, if necessary in conjunction with my lawyers, wannops LLP.


In the event of a custom order being placed (ie a non-stock frame) a non-refundable deposit will be taken to start the order. Please note once a frame has been ordered to Colnago it CAN NOT be cancelled. We reserve the rights under the UK consumer laws for custom order purchases. 

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