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Colnago C64 Review

Reviews of bikes are tricky, there is so much personal preference that slightly skews your view and I try as best I can to be unbiased when it comes to Colnago, but it’s hard. So before I wax lyrically about the C64 I should try to balance it out.

I have to admit I personally struggled with the C60 and C59. Don’t get me wrong they are still incredible bikes that far outperform other manufacturers efforts, but in terms of the Colnago history they seemed to exist in limbo, stuck between the classic carbon frames (C40-50) and the ‘modern’ bikes. This is Colnagos fault. How can you improve on the C40 or C50? It must have been a horrible task. I wouldn’t have liked to put pen to paper and design a bike that betters their earlier efforts.

The difference, or hopefully improvements, in each new model is always hard to gauge. We all get over excited, like a kid at Christmas at the thought of a new bike. And in general terms a bike will never feel better than the first few rides, everything is spring tight and ready to explode.

So the first thoughts I had? Well I’ll start from scratch, building the bike. I built it up with Boras and Super record EPS, finishing kit comprised of Prologo carbon saddle and Vision metron 5d bars with some trick finishing bits from Ceramicspeed including their Colnago specific T45 BB and OSPW jockey wheel system.

I cannot put into words how satisfying it was to build, especially the Campagnolo EPS paired with these bars, add in some 8mm heat shrink tubing and all you can see is the front and rear brake cable, my absolute dream. This is from someone who spent months with electrical tape trying to tidy up the EPS with my previous Time frame. And this is my first comment on the C64 over the previous carnations, the finished design feels complete. All the small details are thought out and work in the real world.

Fully built it has the all so familiar stance and geometry of a Colnago, albeit now only available in sloping sizes, but still in precise 2cm increments . The seatpin design is very sleek, another tick on my list. Position wise it came up slightly shorter than i would normally ride, but felt more balanced on the road. What else? The paint job, subtle in terms of colnagos designs but has a hint of flair with the lovely silver design mixed in with the white. Having built up the stunningly beautiful Art Decor version in Blue (BDBL) last week I think that would be my choice of the 2019 colours.

So the ride, going against what I previously wrote about the best a bike feels is the first couple of weeks. Yes it was all there, tight and coiled. But there was something else, a kind of familiarity. I was riding along one of my favourite routes trying to put my finger on it. Bingo! It feels strangely like a C40 I had been riding recently; yet transformed into 2018. And over the last 6 months it has only gotten better, in a kind of ‘hello my old friend’ feeling every time I jump on for a ride. It feels to me like the kind of bike you would have for life, and always go back to.

And that’s what Colnago does so well, and also why it’s so hard to improve with each model. When you keep hitting the nail on the head there’s only so far you can go. Will be interesting to see what Mr. Colnago does in the future. But for now I’ll thoroughly enjoy the C64.

A Colnago in the truest sense.



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