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Looking For Speed

I wanted to do a little Blog regarding upgrades and specifically Ceramicspeed products. Its a company i am very fond of and have a huge amount of respect for.

They have fairly recently exploded onto the scene with products like their oversized pulley wheel system that have found their way onto Pro Tour bikes over the last year, both as sponsored products and riders looking for an extra advantage or 'marginal gains' as Sky say.

The base of all their products are super high quality ball bearings, the highest grade possible to buy both in terms of efficiency and longevity, as standard they come with a 4 year warranty and 6 years for their coated products

Its well worth watching the GCN video on a tour of their factory, the care and attention to detail is incredible! In terms of performance gains they say a complete Drivetrain upgrade which includes the OSPW system, Ceramic Bottom Brackets and their chains they claim a saving of up to 13 watts, in practical terms that's over 4 minutes faster on a 40km hilly TT course.....

Ceramicspeed recommend starting with the Bottom Bracket when upgrading to a more efficient set up as it has the largest gains in terms of friction and energy and they make a Colnago specific T45 B.B for the latest carbon models, I use these on my C64 as well as the OSPW system and I have been really impressed. The Bottom Bracket makes do with having to press fit cups into the shell and definitely helps with creeks that can affect bikes over time.

Although Winter isn't a great time to start thinking about expensive upgrades its well worth keeping them in mind when Spring comes along.


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