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Maestro 2019

I have to admit I’m excited about 2019. We have a big announcement to make and something that is very close to our hearts, but we will get on to that in a bit.

First things first though, bikes. Mike and I took a trip to our distributors to have a look at the new models for next year. Its going to be one of those years where things settle down a bit after the big changes last year, with the C64 coming out (slightly unannounced) not long after the C59 was released it was all a bit manic. Its nice to be able to sit back and look at the offerings.

Disc bikes of course have had a lot of press lately, wether you are for or against i think we can all agree they are here to stay. While we are talking about discs we will talk briefly about the C64 Mk2 Disc bike.

Lovely new colour on the V2-R

We have been aware of the change for some months now and have been patiently waiting details and prices. Im afraid we are non the wiser. It has been made clear that the new version will not be available until well in to 2019, the main issue being the integrated stem/bar combo that was supposed to be released with the frame. The idea being to create an aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing front end, with the front brake hose hidden from view. As far as we know that will be the only change.

Fortunately we can still order the Mk1 disc brake in the new colours until the Mk2 will be available. And after building one this week with Campag Record 12 Speed I am moving towards the ‘for’ group.

So, the big announcement. I have been busy over the last few months looking for a site for a new Maestro shop and I am happy to say we have found one, Pulborough will be the location, barring any major issues we should be signing the lease soon and beginning work, looking to open late November.

Its very exciting to say we will be back with a shop, it has been some time now since we moved from Pagham and we both miss it. We are busy planning what is going to happen but you can be sure it will have all the great things about the old shop with even more to offer, a proper ‘Service Course’ race servicing and tune ups for your bikes and a new completely custom wheel building option. And of course, after having a cafe for the last 7 years I couldn’t open without the best coffee possible! The idea being that we return as a hub and community for bike lovers. Somewhere you can go and talk (and buy) bikes!

I will keep everyone up to date via this blog and our instagram page @maestrobikes with everything regarding the new shop!


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