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After a long winter tackling the usual issues with estate agents and lawyers we are very pleased to be open in Pulborough!

The goal for opening the new shop was true to the tried and tested practice over the last 50 years since Mike first began importing and selling bikes. Supply the best products that we believe in at the best possible prices. Colnago will take centre stage as usual with some interesting additions coming in over time (watch this space)

On a personal note having spent a good chunk of my upbringing sat watching my Dad supply and build these bikes it was important to keep the same feeling that brought people from far and wide to come and see 'The Don' with the rich history and experience gained from having professional teams and different generations of professional riders within the extended Perry family. Some of my earliest childhood memories are with my Dad making coffee and chatting with customers and friends.

Hearing phrases thrown around these days reporting to be industry leading practices such as 'Custom Builds' and 'Bike Fits' I can't help but think they have been the default practice for Maestro since the beginning. The art and joy of sitting down and picking every component for your bike over a cup of coffee and hearing stories from Mike has been the heart and soul of Maestro, later evolving to emails being sent back and forth across the world and I think anyone who has experienced this would agree it is unique in a world of copy and paste shopping cart websites and pre built stock bikes. Long may it continue.

The space we have here in Pulborough will continue this tradition of Maestro, with the addition of servicing being the biggest change we made. For years we have been the default go-to for those wanting the best builds from Colnago and we have no plans on this ever changing.

Colnago and Maestro have become synonymous around the world despite many efforts to stop this.

p.s The Coffee Machine is always on!


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