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Service (of) Course!

Its that time of year, as much as we wish it wasn't true...

Now is the perfect time to give your pride and joy some TLC. Wether you put your bike into hibernation over the winter or keep battling through the elements its important to look after your stead. A full strip down will highlight any issues that have been niggling away at your bike over the summer and stop any small problems becoming major and expensive later on! All bearings and threads need a good clean and grease to make sure there are no issues later on and can make a huge difference to the performance of all moving parts.

Winter is a particularly harsh time for your wheels and now is the time to have all spoke tensions checked and wheels trued, also give your hubs some love, take them apart and give them protection with an appropriate grease for the bearings. Its amazing the difference a deep clean can make to the overall performance of a bike, when we service customers bikes a good 60% of problems are down to parts that are trying to work through grime and dirt.

For all those that are local to us, we can offer full professional servicing and can collect bikes from the local area. Its also a great present to buy an avid cyclist that seems to have everything! For more info on our servicing email me at and we can make sure your bike keeps going for years to come! Until then enjoy the winter miles, it can be fun and especially with the right kit. A friend of mine Tom Barras has launched an extreme weather clothing line called Spatz. Having tried these products they make a huge difference in cold and wet weather so check them out

Happy Riding!


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