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Teds (incredible) Collection

After recently building a C64 in the gorgeous BDBL for one of our long standing regulars Ted, we got chatting about his collection. After Ted returned home from picking up his bike he emailed us some photos and although we supplied nearly all of them (12 of 14) it is incredible to see some of these old and new frames and how much joy they bring. I think you will all agree this is one incredible collection that Ted has and must be pure joy to pop into his garage to have a look.

After the C64 Ted also bought an ex UAE Team bike belonging to Rui Costa which we supplied through our distributor and was nice to see that apart from some changes in decals it is exactly the bike we would normally be building. A testament to Colnago that a world champ would use a completely stock frame to race on! SO enough of me talking, enjoy these beauties!

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